Joanna Huczko has started her creative career by studying art. She completed her education by, first obtaining a diploma in painting, and then in stained glass. Her artistic education gives her the opportunity to perceive colours and shapes in a conscious way, which she successfully uses in her current work as a make-up artist.

During her studies, Joanna discovered a new passion for make-up. Since then, she has worked on many fashion and art projects, teaching women how to enhance their beauty with makeup.

In 2017, Joanna graduated from the Fashion School in Poznań with a specialization in Costume Styling and Image Creation.

The knowledge she acquired at school, her experience from previous work and an artistic view of the world provide a unique combination, thanks to which Joanna is prepared to work even on the most demanding projects.

Since 2017, Joanna has been consistently developing her makeup career, working on campaigns, commercial photography,  music videos, fashion and art projects. Her works have been published in both Polish and foreign magazines.

Publications in Polish magazines: : Vogue Polska, Glamour, WhiteMAD, Freshmag, HIRO

Publications in foreign magazines, including: Vogue Italia, Design Scene, Sicky, Nasty Magazine, SHUBA, Féroce Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Art of Portrait, POZA Magazine, GMARO Magazine

Fashion shows: Confashion, ZAVA, RAG

Some of her clients include: Ania Kruk, Big Star, Duet RAD, Kwiat Jabłoni, Bridgestone, Media Expert, Lidl, Chias, Confashion, Pozerki, Cottonganic, Boldheads, donGURALesko, Short Waves Festival, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu